Smash in tennis

A smash in tennis is a powerful and aggressive shot that is executed over the head and directed downwards towards the opponent’s court. This shot is often used to end a point after an opponent’s high serve (lob) or to respond to a weak serve or volley.

Here are the key characteristics of the smash in tennis:

  1. Position: To perform a smash, the player’s stance must be close to the net. The player stands on the toes of his feet, looking towards the net. The racket is raised above the head.
  2. Racket: The racket is held with both hands (usually with an upper and lower handle) and it is pointed upwards. The shot is struck with the racquet with the string closed (face side).
  3. Ball spin: In a smash, the ball is often struck from the top edge, creating an overhead spin (topspin). This helps keep the ball within the court and prevents it from going out of bounds.
  4. Purpose: The purpose of a smash is to hit the ball as powerfully and accurately as possible towards the opponent’s court to make it impossible to return. The smash is usually directed deep into the court, preferably towards the corners so that the opponent has as little time as possible to react.
  5. Control: It is important not only to give the ball maximum power, but also to control its flight. This helps to avoid the ball going out of court and prevents errors.

Smash is an extremely effective shot that is used to finish a point and force the opponent to make a mistake. This shot is especially useful when the ball is high in the air and the player is able to direct it down with power and accuracy. Smash technique requires practice to achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy in executing this shot.