Tennis technique

Tennis is a challenging and dynamic sport that requires not only physical fitness but also strategic thinking and technical skills from the player. Here are some key aspects of tennis technique:

1. Basic stance: The player should take a stable stance with feet shoulder-width apart. This provides better balance and readiness for a fast start.

2. Von kur line kicks:

  • Direct kick (forehand): A shot played from the side of the body where the racket is placed.
  • Backhand (backhand): A shot from the opposite side of the racquet hand. Can be played with one or both hands.

3. Serving: One of the most important strokes in the game. Serving technique involves correct foot position, swinging the racket and hitting the ball at the top of its trajectory.

4. Smash: A powerful downward smash, usually played when the ball is high in the air.

5. Volley: A shot taken before the ball touches the ground. Usually played at the net.

6. Drop shot: A light shot with the intention of making the ball drop as close to the net as possible.

7. Spin (spin):

  • Topspin: Striking the ball from top to bottom, causing it to spin forwards.
  • Backspin (Slice): A shot from bottom to top, causing the ball to spin backwards.

8. Moving on the court: Moving quickly and efficiently is important for reaching the ball and getting into the best position for hitting. Learning to start, change direction and stop quickly can be as important as the shot itself.

9. Tactics and Strategy: Depending on the opponent’s weaknesses and strengths, players strategise when and how to attack, when to defend, when to use topspin or slice and so on.

10. Mental Preparation: Tennis is not only a physical game, but also a mental game. The ability to concentrate, stay calm and make quick decisions under pressure is essential.

Practising and constantly improving tennis technique takes a lot of time and effort, but it allows you to achieve high results on the court.