DTBT Foam Balls

MBTA usually uses the 210mm White Coated Foam Ball (+/-325 grams) for optimal stroke-like warm-up (160mm White Coated FB of +/-170 grams for small children) with full body engagement – rotation throwing with the use of both hands.
The play with the use of the tennis racket then mostly starts with the 90mm Yellow Foam Balls (+/-22 gr.) and goes over the 120mm FBs (+/-52 gr.) to the standard tennis balls (+/-54 gr.).

With children and beginners, the entire practice/session could be run with the 90FBs or with both the 90/120FBs only.

The FBs while having lower and slower bounce are giving more time for the action to the players, but (unlike the red/orange 10&U balls) demand also full body engagement in every stroke because of their higher air resistance.
They are an excellent tool for optimal modern tennis technique as well as full court coverage development and enable players of any age/level to start playing competitive games (in the service boxes) early in their development (mostly during the 1st lesson already)! The FBs also enable high cardiac output combined with very low impact shock.

More about the FBs in the enclosed FB equipment brochure.

With experienced players, after the 210mm White Coated FB, mostly 120FB GREEN will be used immediately, followed by the standard tennis ball.



The 120FB GREEN is in our opinion the key ball/element to be used at any level and is being used for optimal warm-up with full body engagement also by world-class players!!