Certification Courses

CPTA offers a portfolio of educational courses and certification

in TENNIS 3.0 / DTBT.

“The TENNIS 3.0 – Future of the Game”

is an Entry Program for coaches, players and parents alike who are interested in the understanding of the top trends in the modern game and its training.


1-Instructor level certification

The Introductory Course (ground course) leading to Instructor level certification in TENNIS 3.0/DTBT consists of 15 hours of both theoretical and practical instruction. This course enables the participants with previous teaching/coaching experience to teach TENNIS 3.0 principles to players of all levels.


2-Coach level certification

For Coach level certification, a comprehensive Coach Course with totally 30 hours of instruction and practical participation is requested. The successful participants (with previous coaching experience) of this course will be able to apply TENNIS 3.0/DTBT principles in the work with competitive players of all levels.

In an ideal setting, the 15-hour Introductory Course is followed by additional 15 hours of instruction (Coach Course block) where more depth and complexity of information for competitive tennis is provided and additional practical coaching skills are being developed. In the case of highly diverse entry level of the participants, both courses can be organized also separately.

Both 15/30-hour courses are available for locations worldwide immediately. The courses are available in English, German, Czech and Serbo-Croatian. After the courses, all participants have to take a test in order to acquire the official TENNIS 3.0 / DTBT license issued by CPTA.  

There will be also both courses organized in the Czech Republic in the first half of 2018.


3-CPTA/MBTA Competitive Practice Games

CPTA/MBTA Competitive Practice Games is an additional 8-hour course with mainly practical on-court skills being developed and enabling the participants to apply the TENNIS 3.0 / DTBT principles in fully scalable build-up practice point games, which can be used at any age and level from beginners all the way to professional players.



3 Step Tennis Stroke Regulation / Last 20% Decide/s It All

Dynamic Total Body Tennis (DTBT)