About TENNIS 3.0



“TENNIS 3.0” is a tennis stroke production benchmark supporting a sustainable game development and its growth, be it with each individual player at every age and level or with the game as a whole.

The key essence of TENNIS 3.0 is in the effort to power/dominate the majority of the tennis strokes in an efficient and body-friendly way, mainly with the energy generated from the body action and not predominantly from the arm action, which has to be seen as a lower developmental level of the game – Tennis 2.0. There will be certainly always some trick strokes and strokes played in the emergency, where the arm action will be prevalent, but TENNIS 3.0 benchmark addresses the vast majority of the strokes being played during a match or just in a hitting session of any form and level. The main term associated with TENNIS 3.0 is body energy unloading onto the racket/ball in the direction of the intended target.

Looking at the very best in today’s professional tennis, the higher level the player has, the higher amount of his/her strokes fulfills the TENNIS 3.0 benchmark and this mostly at a higher degree of the fulfillment. The other way around, in general, the higher the degree of the TENNIS 3.0 fulfillment, the better the chance for success and for further sustainable development of the player at any age and level (from juniors over adults/professional players all the way to seniors).

For each tennis stroke, TENNIS 3.0 as a benchmark has a set of key reference points, mainly around the elbow action/position in relation to the body, which determines body energy dominance upon the racket/ball.

TENNIS 3.0 CODE is a set of essential easy to follow logical technical/mental guidelines (algorithms), which should be followed in the course of the stroke in order to qualify as TENNIS 3.0.

Dynamic Total Body Tennis (DTBT) is then a universal and fully scalable tennis learning and training methodology leading to the development of the TENNIS 3.0 strokes and style of the game while using the appropriate TENNIS 3.0 CODE elements at every age and skill level. The essential principles of the DTBT methodology are 3 Step Tennis Stroke Regulation” & “Last 20% Decide/s It All.

Tennis as a very complex sport can’t then be seen just from the perspective of the biomechanical stroke production. Besides stroke mechanics and motor learning aspects, physical, tactical, mental, emotional, social and environmental elements play also a crucial role in the entire training and developmental process.

“TENNIS 3.0” as a comprehensive concept having the base in the world-famous Czech Tennis School thus incorporates also the essential elements from the above-mentioned areas.

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